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are you knife savvy or sappy

confused when it comes to choosing a kitchen knife ?

How often are you in the kitchen

Do you do all of your meal prep

if the answer to both questions are yes

trust me I can help

for beginners go to any store that carries a decent selection it does not have to be the high end ones .

look for the words utility or all purpose,chef and pairing these three begins your starter collection

hold it in your hands , feel the weight , make a rocking or chopping motion run your hands on the spine not the BLADE

make a connection with your new best friend

look at the blade , do you like the length and width don't be scared its a knife. How about the handle? do you prefer the molded or riveted what about your grip.

are you feeling the confidence

if there are two brands within your budget repeat the getting to know you steps

You mop your brow and say this was not so bad

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